Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 As a creator,I have enjoyed blogging which have possibilities and also has been an incredibly exciting experience! I hope you"ll enjoy "HERE" as much as I do!

Photo shooting,Event,Extreme Sport,Travel,Art,Music and Fashion is a thing that always come to my mind every minutes!
Not only to share,but I also honest to say that "I want to learn from you" causes I believe that 'While We Still Alive,The Thing That We Learn And Enjoy Can"t Finish!".

                                                                                             Name:Benny Aun

Full Name:Big Bad Benny

Mix blood with Chinese and Thai

Language Spoken:English , Chinese , Mandarin , Cantonese , Hokkien and Malay

"Mind always set that to do something impossible or over than over again.

Fall down then wake up again or to get a backup.

I always ready to get hurt or to get kill to entertains myself with my favourite games/sport."

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